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FoxPro Logo  Mostly I work with a very powerful databasetool named FoxPro. With a powerful tool like FoxPro I can DO LITTLE and let the computer do most of the work (get the hint ?). Sorry to say this program isn't very well known here in Sweden despite the fact that Microsoft owns it since many years. What's so good about Foxpro then? Well for starters you could read an article from Microsoft on the subject VFP's role in database application development or this one regarding Visual Foxpro and the WWW. The well known site www.whatis.com says this on Visual Foxpro. Is VFP only good for small projects? Even if it's perfect for smaller projects (from 1 to 50 users) there are examples of apps with over 500 concurrent users, even with the built-in database engine. But there are also very large projects where VFP is used as a frontend to SQL-Server or Oracle databases. Two of the most wellknown are: The "Chunnel"-project which handles planning and administration of the tunnel under the the British Channel (>128 GB data) and JFAST which is used by the US military for planning transportation of personnel, supplies and vehicles. This app was called "US Military's secret weapon" by Advisor Magazine. Another interesting article is Economics 101 by Les Pinter and an interesting analysis on choosing the right database tool you can find on Clearform.

Great news January 31st! Visual Foxpro 8 went RTM!. Read all about it on Universal Thread or at Microsoft

SDR Logo  For the moment being I use this tool to manage pretty big databases (>7.000.000 records, >1.800 Mb) in a PC-environment for a company named SDR Svensk Direktreklam. Our website is at http://www.sdrgruppen.se. I also have other colleagues here in Sweden using the same tool as I do, here are some of them : 
Curten Wijk - Dataexpress, Hasse Wigdahl, and Wadsworth Data Systems AB 

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